Dimanche 20/06/04: I'm for yhe next week in Bordeaux, it was sad to miss the show. I have negociated an earlier departure for my travel. Yes, I could assist to the Stunt Bike Show 2004

Whaooo ! What well know people ! Pro and amateur !

Who is this ? It's me whith...

Craig Jones Duke & his wife

AC Farias Jason Briton & Manu of Nice


Amateur side:

That one who has American Style, but yes he is a french guy .....!!!!

Cyril of http://www.brestunt.fr.st


The RSR team was here too

Jonath of R2O, as usualy, egal to himself....

Sergio of Stunt-Riders, someone to meet, do more than it seems...

Boole et Boris of Furious ZONE

And lot of more, but I was here for looking the show an not only take photos.